Bainbridge Lewis

Once again Bainbridge Lewis was one of the first projects I worked on at Pixeldot. However, it did not go live until I finished! Overall it was an enjoyable and challenging project.

The site required a unique design to try and stand out, and the client felt that they wanted a sidebar navigation that wasn’t as intrusive as usual. For this, my director said we should use the plus button to show and hide the navigation.

The client wanted to have a focus on their blog, case studies, and articles, so we made sure to make this a prominent feature on the front page. The reason the project went on for so long is just down to having to wait for the content from the client.

It was quite a challenge to get the sidebar menu working as it does, as the colours would shift the button toggle. However, it eventually worked after some JS and CSS.

Obviously, this project spanned over the course of around a year, but overall I was content with the end product. If you want to see a screen capture look below or visit the site here.