Bookerino is my Bookerino is my side project where I have designed, developed and slightly marketed on social media. If you love books, you’ll love the site.

Bookerino is one of the side projects that I founded, designed, and developed. It is something that I believed would be a great idea and something for the book reading community. It is a book club with a few confined books for users to join in with the rest of the site’s users.

I had the idea after having gotten back into reading, and I realised that there wasn’t a consolidated platform for people to read together. Obviously, you might be able to get local book clubs, but this was an idea meant to remove the boundaries of physical book clubs.

For Bookerino, it went through multiple design phases until I felt it looked like a discussion platform. I designed everything to be highly usable and intuitive; I focused very heavily on the comments section ensuring that it had the greatest of features of sites such as Reddit, YouTube, and IndieHackers.

Once the design was completed, I created the MVP within WordPress as it is something I very familiar with using. The MVP took quite a while, but it taught me a lot about modular design, development, and how to use Ajax.

Going forward I am going to be focusing on marketing the website and refining the site around the userbases needs; this is going to coincide with constant content added to the site. From here I will focus much more on email capture, as well as creating the sites own content.

You can see a screen capture 0f the homepage below, or failing that you can visit the site here and sign up if you’d like!