Unfortunately, Codeable never managed to get over the finishing line, even after having been entirely completed. However, this did not stop it from being an astounding project to work on.

Codeable was a project that had a lot of the thinking already done for us on the design side. However, this was one of the most fun development projects I have ever worked on.

For this project, I was given an incredibly limited time frame to get it all built. I was given three days to develop, test, and get all of the featured tested against standards as well. Needless to say, it was crunch time.

On the first day I spent the time getting everything coded modularly, we needed to make every element re-usable, with the ability to change every colour, and with some advanced modules for such a small time. We used WordPress, Advanced Custom Fields, and a decent gulp flow for SCSS.

The second day it came to testing the entire site, and its capabilities. I did this with BrowserStack and using the virtual iPhone within Xcode. After some testing and tweaks, it was ready for the code testing.

The code testing was only for the PHP side of things, and this meant running the entire custom theme through PHP Code Sniffer and PHP Code Beautifier.

Once the site was finished, it had a completely reusable, modular and easy to style system in place. Unfortunately, there isn’t a website link, but hey, there is a screen capture below.