Dew Gibbons

Dew Gibbons was one of the first websites I ever made professionally. The site is something I designed and developed and fueled the passion for the web, how to design, and finally development.

This site was a pleasure to create; it was something that gave me much freedom to make something that looked amazing. The brief was for a branding agency that needed their site build around a brand of minimal and clean design.

The site was to focus on Dew Gibbon’s case studies and their clients, as they had some big-name clients that needed highlighting to potential visitors. For this, we created a beautifully minimal work page and corresponding single case study page.

It was the first site I developed professionally, and I created the entire front-end of the site. The front-end was transposed onto a back-end built on expression engine by one of the back-end developers who then put it live.

Through this site, I learnt a lot about branding, user interface design, front-end development, visual hierarchy and much more.

If you want to view the website, then look below at the homepage screen capture.