Fitzroy is a charity for disabled people. It was a brilliant project to be involved with and it was great to see the work I had been involved in shows such as the Undateables.

Fitzroy was a great project to be involved in; it was something I worked on when I worked at Pixeldot. The site was built to be highly usable for everyone, and that included people with a disability. The website was developed just before I joined. However, I was involved with creating entirely new areas of the site, which included the love 4 life campaign used for the Undatables.

Working on Fitzroy I was involved in design and development, so not only did I design work to match the current branding for the site I also developed on those designs in WordPress. The site has changed a little since I initially worked on it. However, my base work is still there.

This project was inspiring for me, and it gave me a comprehensive understanding of how to make something usable for anyone.

Please take a look at the full page screengrab of the homepage below. Alternatively, if you would prefer, take a look at the website here.