Starting a diet once again…

As you might have guessed from the title, I am going to be starting a diet again. I think dieting is something really important for the mind, its something I've read countless times when it comes to the wellbeing of an individual not just physically but mentally as well. There are a few reasons I've decided to embark on dieting again...



In having a healthy mind it will allow me to further progress myself in everything I do, there is literally no reason I should be overweight or unhealthy. In being healthy it will allow me to make the right decisions. It also allows for me to retain memories and information as the brain processes this, not only this but it also boosts alertness, meaning I won't be sleep all the time!


Being fit

This one is just a no brainer, I mean who doesn't want to be fit and good looking generally? But there is more to it than that, I genuinely struggle being happy with myself when I feel overweight, it is just a complete mood dampener and also affects how your day to day occurs. In being fit it will push me to go out more, take more pictures with my girlfriend and just see the world more.


A personal brand

Another reason for the diet is simple. A personal brand. One of the most important thing in a persons life is how the people around you perceive you. For my personal brand, I want to be well dressed and fit to match that style. Just like Steve Jobs had that amazing turtle neck, I want a nice shirt and some chino's, something you remember to a person.


In conclusion to this brief post, I think that being healthy should be a must to the growth of any successful individuals, and especially longevity as well. You might notice how any famous figure will nowadays try and lose weight and be more healthy. I mean let's face it, you never want to be remembered as the 'fat guy' speaking as someone who's been/is there!