Turning life into sprints.

Okay yes, the title might be slightly exaggerating what this means, but I’ve recently been reading the book ‘Sprint’ by Jake Knapp with John Zeratsky, and Braden Kowitz and it’s excellent!

The idea that my friend Jasper Cheyney have had is to start iterating on a new product idea every single week in it’s most raw form. We are planning on using the foundations of a ‘sprint’ each week. With this, we will be able to smash through all of our ideas we have had and test market viability.

The thought behind this is smashing out the idea, a landing page and then releasing it to the public, where we will be using ads to track how many hits we are getting, and how many of the people visiting are interested in the idea. With this, if we find something that looks good regarding conversions, it’ll give us something to then build upon, and allow us to smash out some incredible products. Watch this space!