I am Callum Harrod

I'm a Designer & Programmer

I'm just a guy that has a passion for web design & web development. I am a lover of clean and clear design and always strive to make my newest work better than the last. I have been doing web design & development for roughly the past 3 years, but it all started back in school, where I wanted to make a website to showcase all of my video collection.

I am always looking for a new project, which will teach me more about design & development and help you with a clean and efficient final product. I am always looking at the newest design trends and the latest news for web technologies and I

What I do

Design it

Build it

Love it

Send it


This is some of the work I have for you to view, I also worked on some other projects that I would be more than happy to show in person. This is due to it being work from when I worked with another web agency. I have also worked on multiple different projects whilst I studied Computer Science (Games) this included multiple applications in Java, C++ and some other web based projects.

Responsive sites Fenn Motorworks Alpha Plastering Dew Gibbons Help me add to this list Mobile Sites Stoneman Funerals Brighton Tree Specialists First Call trees Github More to come...

Programming & Scripting

The technical stuff

I may not be a master of some of these languages, but if it's needed for a project, then with my problem solving skills I will work out the problem and aim to solve it. In most cases I am completely confident with these languages but as always I would love to master them all and learn some of the other most important languages.


The pretty stuff

Design is something I am incredibly passionate about, constantly I am trying to improve on my previous designs and making something I can be proud of. Without design we wouldn't have anything to make the product of coding look 'nice'. Here are a few skills that I have acquired over the past few years.


A little info on me...

As you may have been able to tell, I absolutely love using computers and I've been using them for as long as I can remember. It started off my passion for gaming, which in turn made me fall in love with programming, and finally led to my love for design. From my gaming passion I started to do impressions online and played as my favourite tv and movie characters in games, I have featured in a couple of videos and hope to be in more.

Other than that I love going outdoors and getting out in the sun, I have recently fallen in love with going to the gym and hope to get physically fit as well as mentally. I like to read books, my new favourite being 'The Martian' by Andy Weir. I should also mention that I absolutely LOVE Star Wars!

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