Hey how’s it going? I’m a designer and developer based in the South East of the UK. I love designing and developing products, reading, gaming, and a bit of exploring too.
Where I work


4 years 5 months
Senior software engineer
Currently reading
Currently Watching
Better type scale - WIP
A better type scale calculator for the web and mobile devices. No sub-pixels here.
Cards - WIP
A new way of tracking habits, tasks, goals, and even a bucket list. Clean and simple.
Fantasy Reads
A side project of mine. A place to find fantasy books without any hassle and a clean UI.
Crap Illustrations
Do you have some bizarre requirement of having crappy illustrations? Say no more.
My fiancé
My bucket list
  • Visit America

  • Own a house

  • Get married to Dawn

  • Play PS2 games with my Dad again

  • Visit Japan

  • Create a product

  • Write a book

  • Visit the Maldives

  • Visit the 7 wonders of the world

  • Watch every single Star Wars film with Bayley

  • Go on holiday with mum

  • Have a LAN party with friends

  • Learn another language

  • Have a book published

  • Meet Brandon Sanderson