Hey, I’m Callum.

I'm a product designer and developer.

A bit about me.

I’m a designer an developer based in the South East of the UK. I focus on creating simple and aesthetically pleasing digital experiences.


As a designer I focus on UI and UX design, with a focus on design systems, and simple experiences.


As a developer, I primarily work with front-end, but I can easily hop in to full-stack when needed.


In my personal time I love to learn, read books, play games and explore cities with my girlfriend.

My products

Below you’ll find my recent personal products that I have created. Not all of them succeeded, but failures can also teach you something.

The Design Handbook

This is a site that aims to collate everything you need to know for UI design and UX design in a single place.

Bookerino product image.


A book club website built with custom commenting, and cleanly designed. The first project I ever built.

My work.

I’ve worked as a designer, developer, marketer, teacher and everything in-between. Below you’ll see a wall of my work achievements.

We make websites

- Design

I designed and developer the website for Union Roasted Coffee, my favourite coffee brand.


- Design

I defined and researched design systems and implementation for one of the largest.


- Training

I planned, designed and recorded every training vide for Site Studio.


- Dev

I created a website for Acquia’s largest conference in a single day.


- Design

I designed and created the entire conversion rate optimisation process for Pragmatic.


- Training

I designed and wrote the training exam for Site Studio at Acquia.


- Design

I designed the UX for all of the Bacardi Brand website footers.

We make websites

- Design

Within 3 months of starting I was awarded "Employee of the month".


- Design

I defined and researched design systems and implementation for one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world.

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My reading list.

Below you'll see what I'm currently reading and what I've read lately. Send me a message if you want a recommendation!

Oathbringer book


4 hour work week book

The 4 hour work week

The science of storytelling book

The science of storytelling.

Company of one book

Company of one

Edgedancer book


Built to sell book

Built to sell